Purchase- and delivery terms

In general

Your fullfilled and concluded purchase of our products here in the web shop reflects your agreement with our Purchase and delivery terms. While we try to ensure accuracy, we reserve the right to correct any errors in pricing, pictures or descriptions, and to cancel or refuse, or to accept any order based on an incorrect price, pictures or description. Such corrections may be made even after an order is accepted. Forspeed AB maintains the rights to change, update, or modify purchase and delivery terms at any time. We also reserve right to refuse order based on sold out in inventory. All changes will be reflected on this page and it is the customer's responsibility to review this page and to be aware of any changes to the privacy policy. 

Special order will be handle on an aggrement that 50 % of total purchase sum will be prepayed in. The prepayment will be handled as a credit on the customers account and to be used when final delivery and payment is done. In those cases customer wont fullfill their part of the the special order aggrement and the goods are not fully paid deposit will not be returned. All owner right to the goods will then go to Forspeed AB.

Note .. No merchandise will be sent out , delivered or turned over to customer until full payments has been fullfilled.


Swedish Vat is included in the price , at this time at  25%. We reserve the rights to at any time we see fit change prices in the web store without notice of change.

Payment terms

Payment  PayEx
PayEx Payment solutions is PCI-certified by Visa and MasterCard. The Certificate is obtained by very high terms of security on  system- och nerwork saftey, continued surveillance and a very strikt safety policy. Certificates are set for an time period of a 12 month at a time and needs to be renewed annually. As a security precaution no sencitive payment information will be store, like f ex.card numbers at the store. All information put in are instead encrypted on Payex payment pages which are secured by SSL-Certificate.

Prepayment Bank
You prepay your shipment . Payment are done into our Bank Giro number. After processing the order thruu the purchase system you will be guided and recive new information on the screen.    (Delivery time will be a little bit longer when you choose this payment option. Note this only available in Sweden.


Delivery Time

Normal deliverytime within Sweden is around 5 Days.  Delivery time during Holiday season or summertime slightly higer.


Ways of Delivery

We will ship out your mercandise with those freight forwarders we are set up with as a business partner. like f ex DHL. Economical responsibility regarding delay in in delivery caused by the freight forwarder falls totally on the freight company. We only ship to customers within Sweden.


Freightcost is charged with a set price of 89.00 sek and will be applied automatically when you check out. This set price is valid only for freights within Sweden. We reserve the right to change the set price at any time  when see it fit. Freight cost are adjusted on freight aggrement terms and will be adjusted accordingally. We will charge an oversize fee for ovesized merchandise. Merchandise in stock picked up in the store will not be charged any freight charge. 


Warranty will apply on our products for (1 year). In the case that its proven to be fabrications- manufacturing fault on the product new product is supplied. In those cases product shows wear and tear no warranty will be applied. Customer is responsible for return freight. Purchases to a private consumer in Sweden, shipped to a private consumer within Sweden is regulated by distansavtalslagen and gives you right to return within 14 days from receiving mercandise and you do not have to supply a reason. However it needs to be in new and not used condition without any damage to product and in new reselling condition to be accepted back.. (This is not valid on special oredred items ) We follow Consumers Right Regulations. Konsumentverket.se

Damage on packages and not picked up packages

Its you responcibility to as soon as possible take contact and make damage report to-with freightforwarder when you notice damage to the boxes- letters. Do not pick up a damaged package from a freightforwarder. If you do not see the damage until you have opened the package and the damage is obvoius to have been made in the transportation of the package , please contact freightforwarder, company to make a damage report. In those cases no results are aggreed on with the freight company , please feel free to contact us. In those cases you ordered merchandise from us and do not pick up the package - letter and it is sent in return to us ,(Box ca 1 month., letter 14 days), we will charge a return, repacking and restocking fee for handling on about 350 Sek as a invoice.

When you buy Candles

When you buy a Candle, you accept responsibility for the manner in which it is burned. A burning candle must never be left unattended. Keep the wick centered and trimmed to 1/8 to 1/4 inch. Burn the candle on a heat resistant surface and never handle a hot candle container. Keep the candle out of reach of pets and children and away from things that can catch fire. Stop burning the candle when there is 1/4 inch of wax remaining. As a retailer we will not be held responsible for any damages, losses or injuries of any nature resulting from your use of our products. Your purchase of our product reflects your agreement with this disclaimer.



We will handle your personal information in aggrement with regulating laws here in Sweden "The personal Data Act" here in Sweden  (PUL).


Mobile- Cell number supplied when checking out might be used to send SMS regarding Shipping, Tracking and other communications regarding your order.