MSD3740 MSD IRIDIUM SPARK PLUG 14mm - .375 in Reach - Gasket Seat - Single Pack Heat Range 6

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MSD's spark plugs are engineered to improve the efficiency of the combustion process to create the most power possible combined with increased durability. The center tip of the plug is made from iridium to promote the best spark and increase resilience. A proprietary ceramic material enhances the dielectric strength of the plug housing forcing the spark, even under extreme cylinder pressures, to jump across the plug gap to the ground electrode. This electrode is machined to expose more spark to the incoming gases to promote the most effective combustion event possible. Features: Proprietary plug design inside and out Designed for use on high performance vehicles that utilize high output ignition systems Machined electrode increases exposure to the flame to improve combustion MSD’s proprietary ceramic formula provides the highest dielectric strength Yttrium ground electrode reduces the chance of pre-ignition Iridium tip improves cold starts All spark plugs tested prior to packaging and shipping Unique insulator design improves spark isolation Lower voltage Requirements for longer coil life