REM2008 Headers Pack Chev LS och Truck

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PN 2008 -- Chevrolet, 5.3L - 6.2L LS1, LS2, LS3, LS6, L99 Car (including Corvette), 4.8L - 6.0L (GM Truck Vortec), 2/Set

1-7/8" Dia. Round Port

Remflex Performance Promise

• Seals Warped Flanges:

Remflex exhaust gaskets come in a standard 1/8-inch thickness and are designed to crush 50%. This allows them to fill gaps in the flange surface up to 1/16-inch!

• Won’t Burn Out:

100% flexible graphite construction means Remflex gaskets are good for up to 3,000 degrees F—far exceeding that of any vehicle’s exhaust system temperature! 50% Crush

• No Re-Torquing Necessary:

Remflex exhaust gaskets rebound 30%, creating an optimum seal that eliminates the need to re-torque!