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LUNMB5160HP.030" Main Bearing Set - SBC 350 Full Groove (STD)

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Main Bearing Set - SBC 350 Full Groove (STD) .030" OVERZICE

The Alecular material used in Lunati bearings allows a high degree of conformability over other race bearings, whether you are use steel or aluminum rods. Imbedability is four times greater than other bearings, plus they will not flake. The fatigue point of Alecular material is 1100 degrees fahrenheit, while babbitt overlay is only 400 degrees fahrenheit. Thickness tolerancing is held (0.0001), making Lunati bearings an excellent choice for road racing, oval track and drag racing. Lunati Alecular racing bearings are chamfered to fit Lunati crankshafts.